Toronto Bakery Supply offer Products which enrich your business

 Plastic is in huge demand and is used massively by many craftsmen in different industries. Look around and you will see how it is worked into a wide range of different objects. Plastic has its own definite character and comes with boundless possibilities. Plastic comes in an exciting variety of forms and colors and you can make all sorts of useful items. D&V Plastics is a Toronto bakery supply business that has been specializing in providing a range of durable and reliable products to businesses for over 20 years. 

D& V Plastics is a family operated bakery products supplier, and our specialized products are our popular baking trays and racks. As a provider of Toronto bakery supply all the way in Acton our business operates around the clock day and night so that they can guarantee products and delivery in keeping with our customer's demands.

Lightweight but Strong

Baking industry, or any commercial kitchen for that reason, is always in requirement of high-quality, durable and hygienic products, and rightly so. If you're a bakery or even a commercial kitchen who needs to rely on attractive, hygienic products, you can count on D&V Plastic that provide durable products. Our robust baking trays- and racks are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene Materials, a staple of Toronto bakery supply. This enables a stacking strength of 600 lbs. Loss of business can be avoided by having the right products.

Trays and Racks can be Elaborated on

Why not have your company name stamped onto your baking trays and racks to show you mean serious business? With a facility equipped with modern Nissei FVX660 Hybrid Injection Molding machines, the D&V Plastics team are a customer-pleasing company. They know how to customize designs for you to ensure your trays and racks are suitable for the particular job you are doing.