Uses of Plastic Tray Products

Trays are very important in the food industry, in both domestic and commercial purpose. Plastic trays are used to store food products and keep them clean. The trays are manufactured in different sizes, shapes and designs depending on the purpose they serve. They also play a pivotal role when transporting goodies from one place to another, that is because their size and shape is catered for lightweight design and easy stacking. Here at D&V Plastics we manufacture tons of plastic trays each day, and have perfected this design.  

Another factor to consider when purchasing plastic trays is their strength, and whether or not they can handle long term heavy duty use. D&V Plastics has made an impact in the market due to our reputation for manufacturing exceedingly strong trays that are made from the best quality, high density polyethylene. The design and strength of the trays makes them an obvious first choice in the market.  We’ve anticipated every use for a plastic tray, whether working within a bakery setting, to being transported for catering; these trays can handle every task.

As indisputable suppliers of exceptional plastic trays, we ensure that their prices are affordable for our customers. D&V Plastics has the fairest prices for our products, and we’ve become a top choice for many Toronto bakeries. We also provide delivery services to our clients, bringing your order right to your business doorstep.  And when you make your purchase, considering customizing your plastic tray for your business with a customized logo embossed on the side. It brings that extra touch, and keeps a streamlined sleek look, even in a busy kitchen. At D&V plastics, there is skill, experience and expertise among our staff, and we’re ready to customize and deck out your order.