What Makes Plastic a Suitable Material for Baking Trays

Plastics play a significant role in everyday life, especially in the making of crucial products. The material’s versatility enables them to be used in almost everything you see, which is why they are often used in the making of kitchen equipment and accessories. A good plastic tray supply can significantly benefit a bakery, not only because of the many benefits of the material but also due to their economical cost.


In today’s blog, we break down the qualities of plastic and why a plastic tray option is better for bakeries.


Plastic is a kind of synthetic polymer. Its composition can be quite similar to natural resins found in plants. It is a material with complex organic compounds and is capable of being molded and cast into different shapes and consistencies. Most plastics products have additives added to the material in order to make them easier to be processed into finished products. The use of these additives is to improve the basic physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of plastic. When it comes to plastic cooking equipment, additives are used to protect the product. This is why you’ll notice that plastic tray products do not suffer from heat damage.


Other additives can also be used to change the melt flow characteristics of the plastic material, to give it colour, and to offer resistance to flame. Plasticizers can also be used to increase the flexibility and workability of the plastic. To ensure that all plastic items that come into contact with food, particularly plastic tray products, are safe to use, the additives and plasticizers used in these materials are heavily regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  


The technology that goes into manufacturing D & V Plastics’ plastic tray products helps our products be resistant to stickiness, thanks to the low-friction properties of plastic. On top of that, plastic is also a more insulating material which means your food products will bake more evenly without darkened or burnt bottoms. You no longer have to oil or grease your trays before they go into the oven, saving time.

If you’re looking for a supplier of plastic tray products that help you produce quality goods in less time and with less cost, get in touch with D & V Plastics!