What to Consider When Buying Baking Racks

Baking racks are one of the essential tools needed in every professional bakery, and should not be substituted with other devices or products. For instance, many people try to avoid purchasing baking racks by using a pan instead. Using a pan on your countertop is ineffective, because air will not be able to reach the bottom of the pan. With a baking rack, air is permitted to circulate freely around your baked product.


This makes your freshly baked goodies cool faster, thus preventing over-baking or sagging.


When it comes to how many cooling racks you will require, it largely depends on how much you will be baking at one time. Large batches of products will require more racks so that there is enough space for all your baked goods to cool properly. At D&V Plastics, our racks are available with a non-stick coating to prevent your products from sticking to the rack. They can also come in different patterns, whether it be a grid or parallel lines, and you also have the option to get racks with unique patterns.


Moreover, cooling racks also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the specific bakery product you need them for. Some baking racks are round which is perfect for cooling round cakes while the rectangular ones are best for almost all baked products. Always make sure you get a rack that is larger than the product you will place on it.


Finally, if space is an issue in your bakery, you can opt for racks that can be stacked in tiers so that you can save some counter space. You will need to think carefully about the kinds of goods you’ll be baking most often and the space you have in your bakery kitchen. Make sure that the racks you order are perfectly suited for the products you are making.