There are numerous reasons why most manufacturers have turned to acrylic for the manufacture of baking trays. Glass used to be a better option in the past but is gradually getting phased out with time. There are numerous reasons as to why acrylic is the better option when it comes to the manufacture of plastic baking trays as compared to glass. First of all, acrylic is cheaper and readily available than glass. It is a form of hydrocarbon that may be easily manufactured from polymers. Most polymers are usually recycled from waste products hence making the cost of manufacturing cheaper.

Machining is also an important aspect when talking of acrylic baking trays. Acrylic can be molded or machined easily without breaking or cracking. Glass on the other hand is extremely brittle and may crack or break if the correct type of tool is not used for cutting. In most cases, laser cutters have to be used when dealing with glass. Acrylic is generally hard and tough as compared to glass. It can handle massive forces and external shocks without breaking. Therefore, it may be used in place of glass especially when dealing with the manufacture of tray display units.

Variety is a very important aspect when it comes to shopping for baking trays. Different clients will definitely have different preferences and requirements when ordering for trays. Glass limits the variety of designs that can be made due to its brittle nature and expensive molding process. Acrylic on the other hand gives the manufacturer freedom to come up with a wide variety of designs and styles. It can be easily machined into different forms and molded into thousands of shapes. 3D printers and programmable laser cutters can be used to come up with interesting designs within the shortest time possible. Acrylic has opened up a wide range of tray designs in the baking industry.