Why Bakery Trays Must Be Strong Enough To Resist Everyday Punishment

Bakery trays are at the heart of any bakery business. But the term itself, ‘bakery trays’, is quite wide. So before we begin, let’s see what it actually means. Starting in a reversed order, baked goods are displayed on trays. They are transported from the kitchen to counters on those trays. Food is allowed to cool on baking racks. The dough and preparation is baked in bakery trays.


Bakery trays must be able to withstand the strain and tough handling that is expected in everyday baking else the baking business will suffer.


The role of bakery trays, no matter what you call them, remains irrefutable. They are critical equipment in the kitchen, and, more relevantly, receive a fair bit of heavy handed treatment. In this article we look at how robust plastic bakery trays are and have taken off so significantly in bakery businesses.


Knocks and falls – A professional kitchen is always a fraught place. Bakery trays will get knocked into things, into each other, be handled hastily and occasionally take a tumble to the floor as well. Plastic trays hold up incredibly well to this sort of treatment, resisting breaking and damage far more resiliently than other trays.


Temperature changes – Bakery trays used in the oven must tolerate enormous temperature differentials between batches. The difference with plastic is that it distributes heat far more evenly, preventing dough from getting burnt. Also, plastic bakery trays do not disfigure when faced with such temperature changes, nor do they discolour.


Washing – It may not seem obvious at first, but washing, rinsing and brushing with a sponge all take their toll on surface layers of the tray. Bakery trays must be able to resist corrosion from strong cleaners and frequent washing.


Wear and tear – General wear and tear is hard to explicate but the simple fact of the matter is that cuts, scratches and just wear and tear will test the durability of bakery trays. Occasional nicks from the knife or spatula can scratch or cut the tray; sliding it inside the oven and such will leave marks and even piling things on top can exert a bending force on them.