Why Do Bakers Wrap Aluminum Foils On Plastic Trays


Baking is a process that requires precision and care. Every step of the way, from measuring the ingredients to ensuring the right bake time, can impact the final product. One such measure is wrapping aluminum foil on plastic trays when baking. Aluminum foil helps reflect heat and prevent overcooking, while the plastic tray ensures even heat distribution. This combination results in perfectly baked goods every time!


The purpose of wrapping aluminum foil on plastic trays


There are two primary reasons for wrapping aluminum foil around plastic food trays. The first is to keep the food warm. This is especially important for baked goods, which can dry out quickly when left uncovered. Dry foodstuffs tend to lose their softness and end up unconsumable. This is why bakers often use aluminum foil on their baking trays and baking racks while preparing items like cookies, cupcakes, etc.

The second reason is to prevent the formation of ice crystals on the surface of the food. These crystals can ruin the texture of baked goods and make them difficult to eat. Bakers wrap aluminum foils on plastic trays to protect the food inside them. 

The foil plays a massive role in reflecting heat and keeping the food warm until it is served or packaged for sale. It also prevents bacterial contamination by keeping moisture out, while providing an airtight seal that prevents food from drying out. This is handy while shipping goods to far locations. By wrapping aluminum foil on a plastic tray, bakers can ensure that their creations remain fresh longer than if they had not done so. With this knowledge in hand, you now have another tool at your disposal when baking and serving delicious treats.

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