Why Ontario Bakery Supply Has Embraced Plastic Trays and Racks

 Ontario’s bakery supply has relied for too long on metal baking trays and baking racks. They have struggled with the time and effort required to clean their uncooperative implements, have had to replace them because interaction with heat discolours them and have tolerated unevenly baked foods.


Ontario’s bakery supply has taken to plastic baking trays and baking racks with verve. Read about the benefits they have reaped and how it’s helping their business bottom lines.


But Ontario’s bakery supply has for the last many years been adopting a new type of baking tray and rack. One which aids their bakery business perform better, waste less and offer a superior product to customers. This has been the plastic tray and the baking rack.


Specifically, high quality plastic baking trays and bakery racks have really changed perceptions about the use of metal in baking. Ontario’s bakery supply, once so beholden to the metal tray has discovered the benefits of using silicone for baking racks and trays. We list out a few of the benefits.


  • Even cooking – Plastic is more of an insulating material than metal which means that it heats up evenly. No longer do you have to worry about baked goods closer to the heat burning while ones further away remaining under-cooked.

  • No more burnt bottoms – Actually it should read ‘no more burnt pride’, because actually that’s what takes the biggest beating when you realize that your baking has come out of the over with burnt bottoms. Again, being an insulating material, plastic helps baked food heat up evenly.

  • No more sticky struggles – Ontario’s bakery supply discovered that plastic trays offer the incredible convenience of being slightly flexible. Twist the tray slightly and the sticky baking comes right off.

  • Longer lasting – Plastic baking trays and baking racks are much longer lasting than their metal counterparts. Not only do they not rust, they do not discolour, do not lose their shape and are hardy enough to take the usual kitchen knocks that come with the business.

  • Strength – Plastic baking racks have been embraced by Ontario’s bakery supply for the simple reason of their incredible convenience, strength, handy features and cost-effectiveness. Plastic racks can take up to 600lbs, can be stacked easily and securely, can have a bottom designed to let baked goods cool and are low friction.


  • The supplier – Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Ontario’s bakery supply has taken to plastic baking trays and racks with such verve is the convenience of working with a supplier so committed to high quality products and efficient delivery.