Why Plastic Baking Trays Are Simply the Best

Baking can be an exciting and rewarding business venture filled with happy customers and delicious treats. When it comes to baking, plastic baking trays are the number one choice, eclipsing their metal counterparts in numerous ways. To help you out, we’ll illustrate some of the most essential benefits that plastic trays can provide.


Temperature Resistant

Plastic baking trays are made out of hardened silicone and a synthetic polymer in order to ensure that trays are heat resistant and safe. Most plastics can produce toxic fumes and other harmful gasses when they are exposed to high temperatures. However, silicone is perfectly safe under extreme levels of heat. In fact, Health Canada states, “Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes.” Not only is silicone heat resistant, but it is also immune to cold temperatures as well. This means that the tray is perfectly safe inside refrigerators and freezers.


A Cleaner Alternative

Plastic baking trays alleviate any sort of sticky situation, providing a much cleaner and easier experience in the kitchen. Additionally, silicone can be reused without compromising the tray’s condition. Other plastic items, such as plastic bottles, do not share this luxury since reusing them can cause health problems. Silicone is specifically designed to be rewashed and reused, thus providing a clean and reusable item without any drawbacks.


An Even Bake

Silicone trays offer an even bake, allowing your cuisine to flourish. The reason why silicone bakes evenly is due to their adaptability and resistance to extreme temperatures. When the tray is removed from the oven it immediately begins to cool, thus ending the baking process. The same can’t be said for metal trays since they remain hot for much longer, resulting in burnt undersides and sticking.


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