Your Guide to Buying The Best Baking Racks

 If you own a bakery business, you understand how important it is to have the right equipment. Durable, high quality baking racks are one of them.


Also known as cooling racks, baking racks offer the following benefits:




·         They allow baked goods to cool faster because they let heat dissipate.

·         They are helpful in baking a fatty product as it drains the fat, making the finished item less oily or soggy.

·         They can also be used to cool a very hot pan more quickly and evenly. Even cooling of the pan prevents over baking the pastry.

·         Placing the baked product on baking racks avoid condensation which can affect its texture.


How to Determine the Right Size of Your Baking Rack


To some extent, size matters in choosing baking racks, however what you are going to bake will be the main factor in choosing a size. Pastries and cookies will fit into a small-sized rack while cakes and bread loaves will need a bigger size. If you bake a variety of goods, it’s best to have several sizes to fit them all. Other considerations are your dishwasher size and storage option. You also have to take measurements if you require the rack to sit on a pan.


How to Choose the Best Material for Your Cooling Rack


Typical baking racks are metallic or made from wire. Some racks are also wooden but many are made from plastic. Other varieties include non-stick for aesthetic reasons, but they are quite expensive. However, you have the option to use parchment paper for sticky baked products.


Given the health concerns of food items, plastic is a good choice for material because of its resistance to rust and water. It is even more affordable than other cooling racks available. Remember: quality over quantity.


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